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Thread: Asylum St. Exit - Composition

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    Asylum St. Exit - Composition

    I have been stuck on this stupid composition for days...I'm usually quite decisive when it comes to if or how I want to crop a photo, but for one reason or another, I have waffled much on this one. In some respects it is heavily unbalanced, but there is something that keeps bringing me back to it.

    I'm opening this one up to critique for anyone who cares to share their thoughts. Do you prefer one crop of the image over the other? Do you like the uncropped version? Does the heavy, dark left side bother you?

    And whether I need to or not, I'll preface the conversation by saying that I am very comfortable with the notion of both positive and negative opinions about the image, so by all means, kindly let your thoughts fly!

    - Ryan

    The photo was taken with my Holga WPC. I have already chopped off some of the right side of the image due to some shoddy film advancing...
    The first is the image uncropped (after for the aforementioned double exposure crop)

    Here is crop 1
    Hartford-CT001 Crop 1.jpg

    And here is a tighter crop.
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    I think I like the wide angle of the uncropped view best, but it's a close call.

    More immediately, I was trying to remember who the heck St. Exit was! :{)

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    This is a fun post. I'd actually prefer to take the original image and crop some sky off the top, making it more of a panorama aspect ratio. I like the shadows to the left, and the shadow of the light pole at the bottom, but cropping off a bit of sky works for me.

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    My preference is for the third image; the tightest crop. I prefer the simplicity of it without the busy details on the left that distract from the flow, and rhythm of the composition. I think I would have left in part of the shadow showing of the light on the road in the foreground (showing in the first, and a bit in the second.) It gives a hint of things unseen, outside of the frame. Things I really like are the pattern of the highrise in the far background left that gives just enough texture to contrast with the smoothness everywhere else; the light pole that interrupts the overpass in the background; and the not quite readable signs in the middle. I also like the balance of positive and negative, and the contrast of the serene, orderly structure with the somewhat uneasy feeling that my viewpoint is in the middle of a busy highway, and just what exactly am I doing there. A really fine photograph!

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    I prefer the first one and I think it is the sense of balance and the shadows. It is fun to think about this because it makes you think about why. I often like big empty skies because they place a photo here on this world under a big sky.. the way we really live, if that makes sense. So my normal inclination would have been toward #3 and this made me stop and think why the 1st appeals to me more.
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    Hi, I vote for the third one.
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