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    London Grammar

    I'm not sure this belongs here, so Mods, please feel free to move it. This video was produced using pinhole cameras arranged in an array.

    Making of...

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    I looked at both video's and was very impressed, with both the innovation and technical quanlity. Not sure if it belongs here but using pinhole camera still as part of a video is very interesting.
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    I think this is fascinating. Since the original is pinhole all the way, how is their post-processing any different than what we do getting our stuff ready for f295?

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    I saw the clip some weeks ago and I was very impressed! This is fantastic and creative way of using pinhole image! This is very inspiring

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    I also was very impressed. This technique remind me special effects from Matrix movie, called time slice. Around 70-80 cameras sorrounded filmed scene or actor. Shutter were released via computer in short time intervals. After post processing we can see "frozen" actors. Anyway pinhole version is more interesting for me

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    @cezarioo: it's the precise technique they used in The Matrix series. If i'm remembering correctly anyways. Only differences being of course the pinhole and in The Matrix they keyed all the cameras out afterwards.

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    WOW Really amazing pinhole work.
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    Indeed, Nice work guys. Just to ad to the conversation; Tim Macmillan first came up with the "timeslice" effect in the 80's. His initial designs used a pinhole rig. Check out his early work here:

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