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Thread: Wooden Dirkon

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    Wooden Dirkon

    I've started working on my wooden Dirkon interpretation after getting many of the details worked out from the paper version, going to try and get some of the wood on my milling machine tomorrow while I wait for other supplies to arrive. Attached is an early PDF of some of the drawings. I was going to build it using many pieces of wood just like the paper camera, but it soon became clear that this was going to overly complicate the build, so I fell back on using a large top and bottom piece in the shape of a T, and adding the lens verticals and thinner film box pieces. Still a lot of details to finish to get all the pieces designed and cut. Still need to finish the brass shutter that accepts 2mm EMS apertures and cable release which is another part I need to start machining. Going to be made out of Oak boards either 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch thick, might put a metal film guide in, haven't fully decided on that yet. Tripod socket will be somewhere in the bottom made out of a T nut with a piece of wood covering it to block out the light, plenty of room that needs to be blocked off anyway.

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    Updated the attachment to include most of the rest of the design. Note there are still many details left out. Still need to locate the film reel holes and how I'm going to attach the back, a hinge and a latch would be really nice but not sure I can accomplish that.

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    Lots of views, not sure if anyone is playing along... If you are playing along it should be noted that I found a pretty big mistake and I'll fix it once I get my camera built so I can put all the fixes in at the same time.

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    Nice work, Greg. My Dirkon (built in 2006 or so) is no longer useable. I have been thinking of making another one because I love the way it looks. It always attracts attention when in use. Maybe after you work out the kinks in your design, I will ask to purchase a kit of cut parts and make one of yours.
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    Because of the thickness of the materials, it's going to look a lot different and I should have a decent amount that can be slapped together tomorrow after work. There are lots of things I'm remembering about building with wood, things like grain direction. So while this one should be functional, I don't think I'm going to love it.

    I also started taking pictures with the paper Dirkon today, hopefully finish the roll tomorrow morning and drop it off at a mini lab on the way to work.
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    Got all the 1/4 inch material shaped, the 1/8 arrived yesterday and it will need to be thinned down a little before I can use it, it is rough off the planer so it is thicker ready for sanding. I'll probably mill the pieces to thickness which normally leaves a pretty decent finish. It is all going to get sanded when I apply a urethane after assembly anyway so for now I just need things to fit.

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    From this

    To this

    Still need to lightly sand the pieces to keep the wood from splitting when the humidity gets higher, then glue everything together. Also need to finish the shutter design so I can drill the "lens" plate, then get the shutter machined. Need to finish the film area and drill for knobs, need to locate the tripod socket and get that all made.

    The Dirkon is made from card stock that was printed on a laser printer, the toner doesn't block light at all so it is soaked with black Sharpie to try and keep the light out, seems to work OK with the flashlight tests, need to finish a roll and get it off to developing (cheap C-41 color film). I modified the Dirkon pattern so that it fits on a USA letter sized page, and also removed some of the toner from areas that get glued, the glue pulls the toner right off the paper so some change was needed.

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    A stronger flashlight shows that I should have used 1/4 inch material everywhere, may have to cover those pieces with black felt. It looks like all the joints will be light tight, as long as the glue doesn't conduct any light. If the glue or urethane conducts light, then this all might be trash, there may be no saving it after the glue hardens.
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    OK, I have the design all fixed, but I'm hesitant to upload it because I know some jerk will be selling it on ebay a few weeks after I upload it. It's still sketchy enough that you would need to think like me to accomplish the build, but a couple mistakes or carefully looking at pictures would clear all that up. I see different printings of the Dirkon all over ebay and if someone is going to profit from this, I would just as soon it be me profiting. I didn't see any plans for the Vermeer cameras in here because he has something worth protecting. This camera may or may not be worth protecting.

    You'll also notice that no shutter design is included, I'm not done yet and it will require a metal milling machine to make, I was going to make it much more simple, but the number of pieces made it harder to produce so I'm going to mill it now. It's a simple metal sliding shutter designed to be used with a cable release, those of you with the tools to make one can probably look at the outline and design it for yourselves. Note that screw holes for shutter mounting are TBD, I need to order screws before I can determine the hole sizes. It will use 2mm EMS apertures and then will be able to be changed (but waste a few frames doing it).

    I "solved" the light leak through the 1/8 inch material with black paint, seems to work since I can't see the orange glow from the flashlight anymore. If not then making new pieces for the film box is going to mess up the design, but it shouldn't leave the camera a total loss. FYI I used Birchwood Casey Super Black (Flat black) touch up paint in a "pen", I bought mine from Micro Tools but you can get it a lot of places in the USA, too hazardous for EU because it has demon solvents in it

    Need to cut a few more pieces, and get some black felt for a light seal around the film cassette where the knobs go through. Then tape it all together and give it a try, if it works then I can glue it. If I'm not happy then I may send it off to Earl and let him see if he can make something with it while I start over. Also need to locate a clicker, I'll do this after it is all together so I can make sure it hits the sprocket holes, should just be able to drill a small hole and insert a piece of plastic to make the clicks.

    After this camera I may make a wooden Populist, I'll carve most of it out of a block of wood to keep the manufacturing simple. Better do two of these because Nick might want one. Alternate material would be aluminum.

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    Not sure if anyone is still following this, getting even closer now. Down to some finish fitting and I can start gluing. Need knobs and to machine the shutter, also need to machine the film channel in the back. Also need to paint the inside black after gluing.

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