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    Wooden Dirkon

    I've started working on my wooden Dirkon interpretation after getting many of the details worked out from the paper version, going to try and get some of the wood on my milling machine tomorrow while I wait for other supplies to arrive. Attached is an early PDF of some of the drawings. I was going to build it using many pieces of wood just like the paper camera, but it soon became clear that this was going to overly complicate the build, so I fell back on using a large top and bottom piece in the shape of a T, and adding the lens verticals and thinner film box pieces. Still a lot of details to finish to get all the pieces designed and cut. Still need to finish the brass shutter that accepts 2mm EMS apertures and cable release which is another part I need to start machining. Going to be made out of Oak boards either 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch thick, might put a metal film guide in, haven't fully decided on that yet. Tripod socket will be somewhere in the bottom made out of a T nut with a piece of wood covering it to block out the light, plenty of room that needs to be blocked off anyway.

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