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Thread: Wooden Dirkon

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    I finally sent off a roll this past Monday, hoping to have the film back early next week. Then I'll decide if it is worth finishing the work. Still need to glue the front lens board in place, and then make a new back. The back is warping and doing so in the wrong direction so that it increases the risk of light leaks. I also think I'm going to use magnets to hold the back in place. Bought a bunch of strong tiny magnets a while ago for this.

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    Pictures are here:
    Low res scans from the processor. Not sure I'm very happy with it, exposure is hard to tell since I don't have the film back yet, but it looks off on all of them. Also looks too soft, might have to put in a bigger pinhole because I think I crossed too far over the line with a 0.2mm hole for an fl of nearly 50mm, need like a 0.25mm, have to see if Earl has any of that size, or go up to a 0.3mm.

    The film back is warping more as time goes on, need to make a new one and try to get the warping to curve out away from the body so that the light "seals" on the edges are tight. Need to decide if I'm going to finish this one off or move on to a roll film version in like 6x7 or maybe 6x9.

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    I left a comment along with the results but I think the softness added to the one that really caught my eye. I've never tried pinhole with 35mm film but the few times I've tried smaller paper negatives I had results that were similarly "unresolved" and I didn't think it was the pinhole size as much as the format.
    Some photos: Ipernity
    ( pinholes and solargraphs mixed in among the rest)

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    Yeah, I knew that at most reasonable enlargement it would be soft, but these still seem too soft.

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    Now that I have the film back and scanned at higher resolution I'm a little happier with the results. The graininess is mostly gone, exposure looks pretty close to slightly under exposed, and the sharpness is a bit better to the point of being close to what I expected. Think I'm going to change the pinhole to slightly larger and try again. But I think I may cut a new back to remove the warping and put some magnets in the back and camera to hold it together before trying the next roll.

    And I think I'm going to build a medium format version too so I can have the larger images to keep things sharper with less magnification on enlargements.

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    Impressive build! Love it.

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