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Thread: Ceramic Camera #13b Found Objects, Copper, Brass, Gold Leaf

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    Ceramic Camera #13b Found Objects, Copper, Brass, Gold Leaf

    A recently completed stoneware ceramic camera. This one stands 43 cm tall, 22 cm wide, and 19 cm deep. Fired to 1,300 deg. C. (2,350 F) in a reduction atmosphere. It has a matte black glaze on the interior. It's designed to use a 5 x 8 inch photo paper negative.



    This shows the shutter removed, exposing the pinhole

    This image made with the camera was a 75 second exposure in full sunlight.

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    Steve -

    Another steam punk masterpiece. It is reminiscent of the technology displayed in the movie 'Brazil.'

    Your recent cameras have given me an idea for the two aspect of the design of my Steve Irvine ceramic camera (see Steve's avatar) that I find inconvenient. I don't like that the lid and the lens cover are so easily bumped out or dislodged in transit. I have use rubber bands to hold them both in place in the past, but this compromises the beauty of the camera. Your marriage of ceramic and machined metal parts leads me to think that I could create at least a threaded lens cover, and perhaps even a threaded top for my camera. The threaded inserts might have to be custom machined, but I think that interlocking thread rings could be epoxied to both sides of each of the openings in question, resulting in a much more robust design.
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    Bloody unbelievable, I love the work you go to to produce a work of art to create a work of art. I have enough trouble making my mind up weather I'll put putty in the screw hole of my cameras.
    Regards Shane
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    Incredible, one again!! All I can say is that I'm amazed ( and a little envious ) of your artistic talent!
    Some photos: Ipernity
    ( pinholes and solargraphs mixed in among the rest)

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