After viewing "One roll in Winter" by Marv I thought this roll would make a interesting post.

When I loaded the roll I did not get the leader on straight. I pushed it down and it looked ok so I shut the back and shot the roll. When I took the roll out it was fatter than the spindle as it had ridden up where it was not on correctly. I quickly stuffed it in a tube I store exposed 120 film in to keep out the light but it was too late. At first I didn't like the light leaks, but, now find them rather interesting. These are all straight scans with no editing.
Holga WPC Ultra ASA 100 film
developed in Caffenol C-L for 30 minutes semi stand.

Shown in order taken.

1 20130510WPC-10-1-480.jpg

2 20130510WPC-09-460.jpg

3 20130510WPC-07-460.jpg

4 20130510WPC-06-460.jpg

5 20130510WPC-05-460.jpg

6 20130510WPC-04-460.jpg

7 20130510WPC-03-460.jpg

8 20130510WPC-02-460.jpg