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    Cha Cha Cha

    I think I mentioned my curiosity about very close up stereo using much less than the separation of two side by side chambers by using the cha cha method.

    Here's the jig I made.


    I started out being real scientific. The internet doesn't really explain it very clearly, but seems to suggest that the minimum distance you can take a decent stereo pair is 30:1. That would mean with my roughly 1.5 inch (36mm) pinhole separation in the Stereo Populist, I shouldn't be able to get closer than about just under four feet. I suppose that 30:1 rule pertains to narrower angle objectives. At 24mm the Populist is pretty wide for stereo. I know I've gotten stereo pairs down to at least 8 inches and I remember one of my keys and a couple lilies where it was probably closer to 4 inches. So much for reviewing the literature.

    So I started out an inch away with a quarter inch separation, but I was also cooking and these were 3 minute exposures so I got messed up where I was and even eventually lost the piece of paper I wrote it all down on.

    So here are some stereo cha cha images

    Here's a peony on the dining room table from about an inch away with a quarter inch separation–the first pair of the day.


    This one was from about three inches, with a separation of quarter, half or three quarters inch separation. There was at least one double exposure and one single frame so I'm not sure which pair this was.


    This is why I kept screwing up. We had some eggs that had to be used up so I made several batches of pasta to freeze.
    I'd also given up being scientific by this time. Around an inch separation.


    The New Dawn climbing rose over the arbor went nuts this year. Obviously not a close-up and going to the other extreme, this is with the maximum separation the jig would allow, about three inches, twice the separation of the stereo populist.


    All with the Populist. .15mm pinhole 24mm from 24x36mm frame. Set up for crossed eyes.
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    Looks good. The first and last have to most clarity of 3D to me.

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