Decided I would post the test roll in a paper Dirkon camera I built, used an EMS 0.3mm aperture held in by a piece of tape. Camera is ugly but functional because the card stock lets far too much light through without coloring it with a black Sharpie, I think the only photo of the camera is sitting next to the wooden camera that was inspired by the Dirkon.

And the images that I took. I do notice that the pinhole or front of film box area seems to be off center or tilted, it shot high on everything. I did not take reciprocity into the times, so it is surprising that anything came out useable. Fuji 200 something or other, didn't pay much attention when I bought it in the discount store, but it was cheap and new and I could put my hands on it when I wanted it. Developed at a drug store that probably hasn't seen a roll of film in a year, that is probably why there are some odds colored spots in the images. Only allowed 4 img links per post , so you'll have to click on the links to see the images, sorry.

Taken at lunch

across the street from lunch an old fire station turned into something else

The place where I had lunch

the next several are at an old cemetery where no one ever bothers me






Another old cemetery near work


abstract of a tree, the bark looked cool but too much camera movement

same old cemetery near work


county poor house after renovation and re-purpose to be part of a college, top of the car I used for support has reflection of building. It's close to work so you may see this building several times more as I test cameras.