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Thread: Portrait camera portraits

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    Portrait camera portraits

    When I pulled this camera out again, of course the obvious thing to do was take portraits, again utilizing the services of that most convenient model.

    I look a little depressed in this one.


    Reading Scientific American while eating breakfast on the porch.


    One of the reasons I came to dislike this camera is that it locks up about frame 13. (This happens in the Glenlivet Vertical Populist too.) By extensive wiggling the winder back and forth, you can get it to advance all the way to the last frame. I really can't conceptualize what's binding up in there. Anyway these are the last two frames on the film. It looks like the sign of the forced winding is imprinted on the film. Exposed by excessive squeezing?


    I think I'm going to make this one my Facebook avatar.


    Whaddya think? Emulsion flaw or pinhole serendipity? I think I'm going to revisit this theme without so much grief from the film transport.

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