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Thread: Cherry trees

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    Cherry trees

    Hi all,

    It's been a while, busy at work, little energy for pinhole (yes I know, wrong priorities).
    And now finally some free time, so preparing for the family holiday
    (again wrong priorities? err... depends who's asking/answering.)

    But managed to take some snaps with the 8banners 6X12 while picking up a bag of cherries two weeks ago.
    This year the orchards are selling very late late due to the cold spring/summer in Holland.
    It's much nicer to buy your cherries at the orchard than in the supermarket :-)

    Cherries were good, pictures also nice, I think.
    Managed to scan two frames in some idle time between packing for vacation.
    Just a quick scan, and resized with apple preview,will process them with photoshop after the holiday.

    Cheers, Danny
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