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Thread: Beech Run Waterfall in Summer

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    Beech Run Waterfall in Summer

    The Summer of 2013 will not be remembered as my pinhole summer by any stretch. Lots of converging factors: lots of rain, lots of writing to do, lots of travel, etc. These are images from one of the few rolls I've exposed since the end of April. Since it's been a wet summer, I took a look at the little waterfall I've photographed in the past, but only in the winter and spring. When I visited them the other week, they were going strong, but nearly covered in foliage. That helped to keep glare off the water, but made for long exposures: a full minute on a bright summer afternoon.

    I used a Zero Image 612F with Kodak BW400CN film (Greg_E recently started a thread about this film). I'm posting five of the six images from the roll, in the order I shot them (I'm leaving one out that didn't work, perspectivally speaking).



    See my photos at:

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    And two more:


    See my photos at:

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    These are all quite nice, but I particularly like the second last with the added foliage.
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    Nice images. I agree the foliage adds to image.
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    I like them all, Dave. I agree that the foreground foliage adds to the image.
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    All are quite beautiful Dave, thanks for sharing them.
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    Dave, this series is not only beautiful, but a just plain fun example of how pinhole can play with dimension. It takes a second or third look at the photo to realize that they are all of the same waterfall.
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    How is the detail of the film? Exposure looks really good.

    And enjoy it while you can get it, Kodak is not producing the 120 size of this film, sticking with 35mm for some reason.

    I have a recently discovered waterfall near work, waiting for some film to come back and then modify the clicker in my camera and need to go back after a few good days of rain to fill it back up. Probably take my 35mm and my 6x9.
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    An ideal pinhole subject artfully done. Very nice. I have some C-41 B&W that I haven't shot because I have to pay for development, but now it's back on my to do list.

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    I like them all, and particularly the first one and the one with foliage. Also, the 612 is a nice format here.
    Some photos: Ipernity
    ( pinholes and solargraphs mixed in among the rest)

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