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Thread: Muddy Creek Roll

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    Muddy Creek Roll

    I found a little time last week before the semester started to make some images along Muddy Creek, which runs right below my house. This is a spot I walk by almost everyday with the dogs, but I have only rarely tried any pictures there. We had had a good soaking of rain earlier in the week, so the creek was running high. This provided more whitewater than usual, which is good, but because of the higher water, fewer places to set up (not so good).

    I did find one good little stretch along the river to try setting up. The biggest challenge beyond not getting too wet was the light. The sun was shining in bright from further along the creek, but parts of the bank were in deep shade. I mainly did the exposure for the shade, but also waited until some clouds passed over to even things out a bit.

    Zero Image 612F camera; Ilford XP2 Super film. Exposures were a minute long, which really turned the churning whitewater to glass.

    Here's the roll in order:


    Here's a slight variation on the first shot:


    For this one, I moved downstream a bit, closer to the tree:


    And here I turned the camera upstream. This was the toughest shot in terms of the deep shadows on the right.

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    And here are the final two.

    The fifth shot was completely different, as I tried a close-up of the tree with the moving water as a backdrop:


    The last one is much like the first two, but the cloud cover had increased and evened out the light, so I tried another shot:

    See my photos at:

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    Nice roll. For the most part you got good detail in the shadows. I think I like the last one the best.
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    Nice work, Dave. I also like the last one, but the close up of the tree is intriguing - I want to look around it to see what is behind . . . .
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    Great work Dave, thanks for sharing them.

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    Nice set, and if were voting I like the first and last. The second last is very interesting though.
    Regards Shane
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