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Thread: cardboard 24x65 pinhole

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    cardboard 24x65 pinhole

    More than week ago Rene (Renon) did send me some prints as a one of the partners in 2013 print exchange and sheet of grey cardoard- his favourite material to build pinhole cameras. I wasn't sure that it will be good idea, but he gave some advices and i build 24x65mm panoramic pinhole. First- i painted black inner side. Carboard is very easy to cut, but edges need to be hardened- i made it using cyano acrylate glue. It is hard to drill holes within- i made it with equipment for leather - sharp pipes used together with hammer. Camera body is glued with UHU wood glue and is covered with decorative paper- sample from printing company. Waterproof covered with Motip clear varnish Inner parts are made from plywood. Pinhole size is 0,2mm, focal length 35mm. I hope to make test shots tomorrow.
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    Very nice looking! I am currently working on a cardboard camera too. I am using a hammer and sharp pipe too. First I was using a driller to make the hole, a sandwich of two mdf and the cardboard in the middle, this also working, but a bit more complicated..

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    Those sharp pipes are called 'wad punches' if anyone is looking for them. Most engineering shops sell them.


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    Nice, simple design. I like it. Looking forward to seeing some panoramas...
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    First sample. More pictures i will post in b&w pinhole section
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