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Thread: 3D Printed Pinhole Camera

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    3D Printed Pinhole Camera

    Hello all

    I have been away, fiddling with other cool stuff, but after fiddling with my 3D printer for some time, I returned to pinhole photography with a 35mm camera (f/140) that I designed, 3D printed, and shoot. This is my 4th pinhole, dubbed the PINHE4D. One of the many goals for this project is to create a library of 3D printable parts that people can use to build cameras from scratch: spools, rollers, winding mechanisms, shutters, etc. I also plan to develop a large format camera in the future.

    I got my first roll back today (drugstore developing, couldn't wait for the lab), Kodak Ektar 100, but stay tuned for the B&W:

    Of course, you can print and build your own:

    Thanks for looking
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    Pix from the PINH5AD 3D printed 4X5 pinhole camera:

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