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Thread: Serpent de Mindin

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    Serpent de Mindin

    Shot a few 8x10s yesterday. Here's one of the Serpent at Mindin, first time I happened to be there when the tide covered just enough of the snake.
    70mm FL, 0.3mm EMS PH, Fuji HR-T X-ray film. Camera level and lower PH used for exposure of about 6 secs.

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    Wonderful image, I'd guess a contact print would be very nice.

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    Thank Joe, yes, I should try one.
    Here's another from that session, I used the bottom pinhole again with the camera perfectly level in both directions. The rocks at the bottom dissappear into the water no more than a meter from the camera.

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    I like them both, especially the sky in the second one. Such a wide angle on 8x10 with only 70mm focal length! It's great for pinhole!
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    That's a good looking image Jimmy, what are the things in the middle of the shot in the water.
    Regards Shane
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    Quote Originally Posted by Isis View Post
    That's a good looking image Jimmy, what are the things in the middle of the shot in the water.
    Beat's me. They're wooden stakes...used for god knows what.

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    Finally looking at these on a big screen rather than my phone. Really great images, James! I like both of them a lot.
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    Nice work, James! The stakes in the second image look like writing of some sort - perhaps an equation of roman numerals?
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    That's not really a snake is it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ric J View Post
    That's not really a snake is it?
    Would you believe it's 120m long. It's a permanent installation in the tide by Chinese (he lives here in France) artist Huang Yong Ping. I like this kind of art..even the fish get to play with it.

    It does look like writing..unlikely though. Probably more to do with shellfish fishing which is pretty big in the area.

    Thanks for comments folks, I've since sorted the uneven development issues I'd been having with the x-ray. I use glass sheets in the developing tray to avoid scratching the negs, but until now had been using a sheet a couple of inches small than the neg, hence the lines at some of the extremities. All better now since I got some glass cut to size.

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