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Thread: Serpent de Mindin

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    Serpent de Mindin

    Shot a few 8x10s yesterday. Here's one of the Serpent at Mindin, first time I happened to be there when the tide covered just enough of the snake.
    70mm FL, 0.3mm EMS PH, Fuji HR-T X-ray film. Camera level and lower PH used for exposure of about 6 secs.

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    Wonderful image, I'd guess a contact print would be very nice.

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    Thank Joe, yes, I should try one.
    Here's another from that session, I used the bottom pinhole again with the camera perfectly level in both directions. The rocks at the bottom dissappear into the water no more than a meter from the camera.

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    I like them both, especially the sky in the second one. Such a wide angle on 8x10 with only 70mm focal length! It's great for pinhole!
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    That's a good looking image Jimmy, what are the things in the middle of the shot in the water.
    Regards Shane
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    Quote Originally Posted by Isis View Post
    That's a good looking image Jimmy, what are the things in the middle of the shot in the water.
    Beat's me. They're wooden stakes...used for god knows what.

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    Finally looking at these on a big screen rather than my phone. Really great images, James! I like both of them a lot.
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    Nice work, James! The stakes in the second image look like writing of some sort - perhaps an equation of roman numerals?
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    That's not really a snake is it?
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    Wow! Not much else to say...

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