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Thread: Serpent de Mindin

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    I thought the same thing as Earl... perhaps some ancient writing or code in those stakes...

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    Both are very nice. Great composition and tones in each.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ric J View Post
    That's not really a snake is it?
    Would you believe it's 120m long. It's a permanent installation in the tide by Chinese (he lives here in France) artist Huang Yong Ping. I like this kind of art..even the fish get to play with it.

    It does look like writing..unlikely though. Probably more to do with shellfish fishing which is pretty big in the area.

    Thanks for comments folks, I've since sorted the uneven development issues I'd been having with the x-ray. I use glass sheets in the developing tray to avoid scratching the negs, but until now had been using a sheet a couple of inches small than the neg, hence the lines at some of the extremities. All better now since I got some glass cut to size.

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    Great images. I really like the first one. The beach with the water draining back is excellent.
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    Number two is my favorite. That is a most excellent composition of compelling subject matter.

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