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Thread: cardboard jet

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    cardboard jet

    90mm f/64 zone plate, 6x6cm, Ilford HP5, Ilford MGWT

    Sabrina in the front yard with her cardboard jet. Attached files

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    cardboard jet

    the glow in this one makes the toy magical...

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    Chris's work with zone plate was phenomenal.. I hope he's still at it in MI. Anyone heard from him?

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    This looks like it could be Kodak Infrared - love the glow.

    Cheers -


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    the glow is fantastic!!
    ..makes me me wanna try the zone plate technic..but i still don't understand how to make it??
    can you tell me 'how to'??
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    At you will find a section with a couple of links to articles about zone plates. The easiest route is to go to The Zone Plate by Chris Patton and print out the zone plate and photograph it, as explained in the article.

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    hi george..
    thank you for the link..i'm reading it now, try to understand every detail here..hope soon i can build one..


    check my photoblog to see my other images :

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