My year with the MN Center for Book Arts is winding down fast! The exhibition is coming soon, so anyone in the Twin Cities are please feel free to come to the reception on Friday, November 8th from 6pm to 9pm. My work consists of a hand printed copy of my book with 16 original gum prints, hand-set type, and handmade marbled paper, soft bound. I will also be displaying larger versions of the prints that are in the book, framed and on the wall. Here is a link to the MCBA website and the upcoming show announcement. I will post the real announcement as soon as I get it from them.

CLICK HERE for the MCBA website and announcement.

I also set up a facebook event page HERE

You can preview my book HERE, with scans of some of the completed gum prints. I will update as I get the final pages printed...

Hope to see some of you there! It's been a wonderful year, and I am going to continue making books that incorporate alternative printing, text and marbling. I love it!