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Thread: Marv and Earl

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    Marv and Earl

    More an observation than a thought. This was October 19th - my wedding day. Marvin Thompson stood up for me as best man. I thought the rest of you might like to see the two of us in a photo that is not blurry.

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    You guys wash up quite well those jackets have a chemical stain somewhere.
    Congratulations Earl
    Does light still exist if we're not looking?

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    Congrats, and it is good to see a "non-blurry" portrait of you two.

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    All the best Earl. Good to see you both looking good.
    Regards Shane
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    Congrats Earl! Marv, is that a large format camera on your tie?!?

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    Congratulations, Earl!

    The pair of you look quite spiffy.
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    Two of the Best!

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    Jimmy, yes it is. The venerable Speed Graphic along with a couple smaller format cameras. I felt it only fitting and apt that i wear it for the occasion!
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