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    RealitySoSubtle 141 Test

    I recently purchased one of James Guerin's (aka JimmyG) new 6x17 panoramic cameras ( I had an opportunity to give a quick test last week, down at the bridge. It was a frosty morning, though without a great deal of drama in terms of fog, clouds, etc. Still, I ran two rolls through the camera to get a feel for how it worked and what it might yield.

    The camera is extremely high-quality and handles nicely (loading is just a little bit tricky, but even by the second roll, I was getting the hang of it).

    Here's my favorite from the first roll:

    JG # 1.jpg

    The first roll was Ilford XP2 Super. For the second, I tried Fuji NPH400. The colors came out okay, but I preferred the desaturated versions. Here's one, which I converted to black and white using the High Contrast Red option in Photoshop:

    JG #2.jpg

    All in all, a successful first outing. I'm looking forward to using this camera a whole lot more in the coming months.
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    That first one is really lovely, what a great perspective this gives! The exposure appears to be very even, I don't know how much of that is the C41 process and how much is the curved plane, but it's really nice.
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    Really nice images. Looks like the camera works very well.
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    Some fine images from a fine camera.
    Regards Shane
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    I agree, nice images. From an unknown reason, I prefer the #1, but both of them came out very well.
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    Looks like you've got a great camera and the 6x17 format is perfect for these images. Thanks for sharing these.
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