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Thread: Renewed interest in Pinhole

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    Renewed interest in Pinhole

    I haven't been here in a long time. I'm hoping to make some interesting photos for alternate printing processes. I made a series of pinholes in brass shim stock and glued them to washers which I'm mounting on magnetic sign material on lens boards. The following tests exposures were made with an old baby speed graphic and 6x7 backs. One back had serious light leaks so I lost that series. I processed the other roll using 510 Pyro and 60 minutes stand development. I thought I had HP5 in there but it was SFX and they came out with a lot of mottling. Not totally objectionable but not what I was expecting. Guess that's Pinholing.

    Walk about town:


    Thanks for looking.

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    That's a nice set of images, looking forward to seeing more.

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    Nice set. I find that pinholes are frequently not what I expected, adds interest to the medium.
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