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Thread: Snow&Ice

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    I have been working an area north of where I live the past week mainly with my Bronica. Yesterday I took an old wood 4x5 field camera with a .24mm hole installed. I had some FP4+ 4x5 sheet film in a Grafmatic holder and made 6 exposures. Processed in 510 Pyro in a drum and scanned with my canon 5d on a light table. I was impressed with how well the film handled the large dynamic range of the creek scene. And of course the long exposure, about 20 seconds, completely blurred the water running under those ice overhangs. I like the effect, almost 3D.

    Brush Creek

    Frozen Spring

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    love that first one, the snow seems to be floating on clouds.
    nicely done!

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    Amazing images. Brush creek is superb!
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    Wonderful results, I especially like the first image. Well done.

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    I like both, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the 2nd! Great stuff.
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    Not going to pick. These are both very impressive.

    Great work!
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    They're both lovely. I like the abstract quality of the second and the optical illusion of 3D in the first.
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    Nice shots!

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