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Thread: Controversal Santa

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    Controversial Santa

    In Rotterdam there's a modern statue by Paul McCarthy, called Santa Claus.
    It was relocated several times because, well, the artist states he holds a christmas tree, but...
    So after some other spots it is now in the city center, just off the beaten track of shoppers.
    Since a few months I work in a Rotterdam office, and I see it when we do a walk during lunch hour.
    And when there was a traditional "oliebollen kraam" placed right behind this statue, it was obvious.
    Had to go there after work and try to capture it with a pinhole camera...

    Tried to capture the juxtaposition of a modern statue (with traditional theme) with a traditional Dutch thing.

    But even without this knowledge, you might also like the play of light and lights

    Pictures with the converted 6X6 Agfa, Fujicolor ISO100, exposure 3 min (first two) - 6 min

    Cheers, Danny
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