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    Taken with my homemade pinhole camera. Outside a market in Barcelona I came across this guy playing a homemade cello. His name is Maoro Paganini.
    There's a uTube clip of him here:
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    I love this sort of street pinhole photography. Maybe it's just because I'm such a Kubrick fan, but I think the level camera and plumb verticals really make the difference in giving these impact. These are easy things to overlook when grabbing shots that just happen in front of you.


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    I like this on multiple levels. First I agree with Nick, the framing is excellent. I also would imagine that coming up with an exposure time in a situation such as this is a challenge too. It would be for me but I'm a pinhole beginner. Lastly, I'm a cellist in a community orchestra and can tell you this guy was probably classically trained is very good. BTW what camera, film/paper did you use? Jim

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    Thanks for kind comments guys. Jim. I used to use a Weston Master and a set of reciprocity tables for each film/pinhole combo. Now, I use my iPad Mini and the excellent "Pinhole Assist" app. The app is amazing and easy to customises for your different cameras. The camera is my Chimer69 and the film was good old Fuji Velvia 50 (120 roll film). Camera is here...
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