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Thread: Some 4x10" pano

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    Some 4x10" pano

    So, a few from the multi load cam. Still have some issues with the x-ray film and uneven development...I've seen some small light leaks on some frames too so a little work to be done on the camera..
    You can find details on the camera here

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    Very promising results. The first two are especially nice.
    See my photos at:

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    I like the ripples in the first one.
    Lack of "pinhole flare" on the ones that include the sun... I wonder why?

    What are those towers for? When I was a child I had a strange recurring dream with towers like that ( but sticking up in the middle of an endless sea... )
    Some photos: Ipernity
    ( pinholes and solargraphs mixed in among the rest)

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    The tower are for catching shellfish, oysters and clams are abundant in the area. The tide covers the nets and leaves the cabin dry. I'd never seen them before arriving here in this part of France but I find they add to a beach and are quite photogenic. I think I'd like to spend a summer night up in one, some good friends, some beer and some fishing...let the tide dictate the comings and goings.
    Interesting dream're clearly insane!
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    Very interesting set. I too like the graphic elements in No. 1. Nos. 2 & 3 look like they are printed on handmade tissue, don't tell it's development problems. The last one looks like it is raining with the sun out. I have a friend who uses a lot of x-ray film and he made some film hangers out window screen molding and made a small thin tank to dip process his large x-ray negs. Again great set. Jim

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    Yes Jim I've been threatening to make some hangers. The x-ray is so inexpensive (at about 25 cents for an 8x10 sheet - that's 2 4x10 panos) it's worth perfecting the processing. I've have to make hangers for 8x10 AND 4x10 though, unless I can come up with a universal one.

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    Nice set. #1 and #4 is my favourite. Which kind of chemistry do you use? For x-ray or b&w paper? Developer looks like little expired (maybe i'm wrong). Some months ago i made couple of ZP shots developed in expired chemistry with similar effect:

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    You may well be right Cezario. It does look like the same effect. I'm using fomadon which is a rodinal style developer at 1:100. I'll try r09 on the next batch before I change my tray process - I have had good results previously with 8x10 sheets.

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    I haven't yet worked with x-ray film but had noticed similar mottling problems with Arista APHS ortho litho film if processed in too exhausted and/or diluted chemistry. That problem, plus APHS propensity for pinholes, spurred on my interest in paper negatives. I might have to try x-ray film. Any suggestions on what brand/kind to start with?

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