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Thread: First anamorhps

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    First anamorhps

    Hi all,

    This summer I have bought a "617 anamorph Vermeer" from Cezary (cezarioo), via Etsy.
    It did not work well, had light leaks.
    After several rolls of trying and some mails, I sent it back, and Cezary fixed it.
    Great service :-)

    Now I have it back, and it's working fine.
    These are the first results, I'm very happy with it.

    First is the statue of Anne Frank, here in Utrecht, in front of some old buildings.
    The second is a "oliebollenkraam", which is everywhere in these days, selling the traditional fried snacks you eat with new year's eve.
    These stands are full of lights, very attractive to photographers, lens and pinhole...

    Cheers, Danny

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    Great results Danny. I especially like the first one. The composition is very pleasing. Jim

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    Yum - "oil balls"! Some things are better left untranslated!
    Very colorful and photogenic, though...

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    I like both of them, however second one is more interesting (in my opinion). Nice colours

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    I like them, the first one speaks more to me. Well done.
    The world is not black and white. It often looks good in grayscale, though.

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    It seems like it will be hard to manage composition, but when it is well done - results are very interesting. Nice.

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