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Thread: creek and waterfall

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    creek and waterfall

    This autumn i visited for a weekend small village in Sudety Mountain (Poland) called Miedzygórze. Waterfall is almost in the center. Usually there is lot of tourists there, but i was at the end of november. Second shot - no name creek one hour walk from village. Exposure times - 2 minutes at 100 asa (and underexposed). I made some level adjustments in PS. I'm curious about reason of blue vertical line on second picture- it's doesn't look like light leak.
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    Cool, they are exactly my cup of coffee... er, water ;-)
    The world is not black and white. It often looks good in grayscale, though.

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    Beautiful shots, wish I could have joined you to visit this nice place...

    Streak of light could a kind of "rainbow effect" ???
    Or light coming form the sky casting some glow on the edge of (copper) pinhole???

    I have made my own copper pinhole matted by keeping them in ammonia (Dutch) damp for a few hours, in a small glass jar.

    Thanks for showing,

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    Thank you for advice, Danny. I found ammonia and i will try to use it with my pinholes.

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