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Thread: Snow day project

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    Snow day project

    I got inspired by JE Piper's article on and made a lens addition to an old pinhole camera. 90mm focal length and 90mm in diameter means its an f-1. Plan to do in-camera cyanotypes like these,

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    Snow Day Camera Results

    This is the cyanotype negative and inverted positive shot in my 90mm, f-1, 4x5 camera. I coated Somerset paper with Ware's cyanotype and exposed at sunset on my roof. Still need to adjust the focus a little but this test shows it works. Negative scanned directly after shooting from the printed out image.

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    You are already close to those examples you pointed to in the other thread! Well done! I was wondering how your lens would do, but it looks very promising! That's something of a "black sun" solarization, right?
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    Wonderful! I love the look of the positive image, and the idea of a cyanotype negative is ingenious, offering yet one more alternative against the day when commercially made silver gelatin media might disappear.

    What was your exposure time with this fast lens?

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    I got home late after running an errend but since it was still light out I went to my roof deck and left the camera out for an hour even though the sun was setting. I probably only got 5 minutes of sunlight until the sun went down. The negative was a bit thin, thats why I didn't bother processing it and just scanned the printed out image. I adjusted the lens and think I'll have a slightly sharper focus for tomorrows test.
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