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Thread: Inadvertent Triptychs

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    Inadvertent Triptychs

    Three images from a recent roll through my RealitySoSubtle 141 6x17 camera (built by James Guerin). Strictly speaking, the roll was a disaster, as I loaded the film incorrectly (it was early in the morning, I had not had enough coffee, I was talking to my son while loading, and so on). I threaded the roll behind the support posts rather than in front of them (doh!).

    Despite the initial error, the resulting images are actually kind of interesting. I did a little work in Photoshop to reduce the spaces between the three pieces of what should have been a continuous image, but I left them broken.

    This was also my first roll using some expired Kodak Portra 400 BW, which I have to say yields some very nice results with pinhole. (I bought 20 rolls over at APUG, so this is an especially pleasant discovery.)

    Here are the three images, all taken along the Cheat River Narrows:

    Triptych # 1.jpg

    Triptych # 2.jpg

    Triptych # 3.jpg
    See my photos at:

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    I think those are great! You've stumbled upon a beautiful way to present ultra-wide images.


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    Excellent! Though these would stand on their own very well as conventional images, the frames add a graphic dimension that is effective. I like the second one best. The composition leads the eye right down the river to the misty valley.

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    There is a nice balance in the size of the three images! These are wonderful.
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    I gotta say that the center 6x9's are pretty good compositions by themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvoracek View Post
    I gotta say that the center 6x9's are pretty good compositions by themselves.
    I was thinking the exact same thing.

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    What a lovely images, and I realy like the format.

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    These are great, Dave. I must say, I want a bit more sky in the first and third images, but that might just be my pedestrian midwest esthetic sensibility. The compositions and exposures are lovely - you captured the feeling of the misty day very well.
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    Happy accidents are one of the best attributes of pinholing. Excellent set of photos. The "accident" may be well worth exploring more.

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    I like #2, the big rock front and center makes it.

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