G'day all

I've not visited f295 as much and as I'd have liked recently but I've never stopped building and using my cameras.

In another thread a generous member suggested I start a thread about my latest builds.

So for those of you who are interested;

I've recently built two more sliding box cameras to add to my collection. Though I did kind of promise my beautiful and patient wife that my obsession had run its course, I couldn't stop myself.


Both cameras are nested sliding box tailboard simple lens cameras constructed from 7mm pine plywood. These are my first attempt at using plywood to built cameras. I very much enjoyed working with this material.

The camera on the right was built first. The original concept was to build a camera to expose half sheets of 8x10 film, both 5x8 and 4x10 in homemade film holders. Given that I shoot lots of paper neg I also slightly altered the design of the back to accommodate homemade 5x10 holders.


5x8/4x10/5x10 camera and homemade film holders.

At the beginning of the build the camera on the left was to be a 5x7 revolving back camera designed to accept standard DDSs. When nearly completed it occured to me that such a large camera could possibly fit an 8x8 homemade film holder and after I made that a 5x4 reducing back was an obvious accessory.


As yet I've had little opportunity to shoot anything other than test shots, a few of which I'll include here.




With thanks to the site and Joe van Cleave.