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Thread: Need help on plastic lens

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    Need help on plastic lens

    Hi folks.
    I have a project where I'm using 30 lenses in a 6x5 layout. I've shown images here before with a 5x4 layout. The thing is I only have 29 lenses (I've lost one as I originally bought 30) and am searching high and low for a suitable replacement.

    The lenses are plastic,
    DCX double convex (magnifying glass type)
    FL = 150mm.
    Diameter 35mm.

    Regarding the type, I'd also be happy with a PCX or meniscus lens, just something that would cast an relatively sharp image wehn stopped down.
    My design can handle a lens with a diameter from 15 to 45mm (I stop down to 12mm anyway). I'm sure a mm or two either way on the FL would be acceptable aswell.

    Can anyone help me out? Anyone know where to get these or have one lying around - I'd be happy to pay.
    Originally I bought the lenses from Edmunds Optics, they were doing a special on a bag of these lenses - however they are no longer available.

    Here's an example image in the 4x5 array layout, I'm thinking the 5x6 layout will improve the camera.

    - James.

    Untitled-12 final1s.jpg
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    You might want to try searching Surplus Shed's website, they're know to also be a source for optics. Here's a link:

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