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Thread: Ghost Bikes

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    Ghost Bikes

    Jeremy Abalos.jpgJohn Smythe.jpgRoyce Scott McCoy.jpg

    Ghost Bikes in Austin, Texas memorializing those killed while riding their bikes. 4x5 Leonardo Wide-angle pinhole camera.

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    Great series of photos, and I like the subject matter.

    There's a ghost bike movement here in Albuquerque, a badge of shame for a community, in my opinion. Just at the corner of my street there's an empty lot alongside where a bicyclist was killed - while riding in a clearly marked bike lane, separated from traffic alongside a 30 mph, two-lane road with a solid white line and signage. The deceased was headed up the street to a local community college. The driver of the car, as is usual for cases like these, was never charged.

    Thanks again for posting these images, great work.

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    Hopefully a awareness program that works.
    Regards Shane
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