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Thread: Up Muddy Creek

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    Up Muddy Creek

    I finally found some time this past week to get out with some cameras (between the harsh winter and a busy semester, it's been tough). I checked out a spot along Muddy Creek further up from where I've shot before. I'd noticed it on my morning drives to work, so it's been on my list for a while.

    These are images I made with a Zero Image 612B camera, using Ilford XP2 Super film. I also made some color images using James Guerin's 6x17 which I'll post on the color forum. Exposures were around two minutes.

    Here are the rocks that caught my eye: two large ones, with just enough space to force water through (plus a branch across the top for good measure):



    And here are two more images, further away from those rocks and down low. I think I like these a bit more:


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    Nice but the third with the rock on left providing balance is the pick of the litter for me. You continue to do good work with the 612.
    Regards Shane
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    First class images.. 10/10

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    Beautiful set. Last two are my favorite.

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    gorgeous images, great use of the format!
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