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Thread: High Water

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    High Water

    Some images from a recent roll, taken after a good stretch of torrential rain. The Cheat was way way up and awash in churning rapids. Most of the spots where I usually set up were completely inaccessible, but I did find a couple of places to put a tripod.

    Here's the first image from the roll. My usual spots are well beyond the trees in the foreground:


    I tried getting even closer to the waterline after this first shot. I didn't pay close enough attention to variation in the little waves lapping at the shore and one sloshed over the camera during an exposure. As a result, the next few images were a little, um, diffuse. The effect was not entirely unwelcome, however:


    And here's the last image from the roll, after the pinhole had started to dry out. It's still a bit hazy compared to the first image:


    Zero Image 612B camera. Fuji NPH400 film. The camera dried out just fine.
    See my photos at:

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    These are cool! I love those greens. While the hazy shot do have some appeal that first one is a cracker.

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