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Thread: Post your WWPD images

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    I was away at a conference this year for WPPD. We had papers scheduled from 9 AM to 7 PM, but I managed to slip out before breakfast to do one roll. I brought along my new-ish Ondu 6x6 pinhole camera, which I got for contributing to Elvis' Kickstarter campaign.

    Here's one of the images, taken down in Winston-Salem, NC. I was at the Graylyn Conference Center, which is attached to Wake Forest University. Beautiful place. Lots of magnificent trees. I'll try to post some more soon.

    See my photos at:

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    some really cool images here, abstracts, ethereal, documentary, stereo? awesome, keep em coming!
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    WPPD 2014 Selfie.jpg

    Selfie for WPPD 2014. Converted Polaroid with 667 film, 10 seconds or so. The camera I'm holding is a finely crafted wooden Rigby 4x5 built in the UK.

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    My wood shop from the table saw. My latest find, a folding draw knife in the foreground. Taken with one of the first cameras Ii made; a Whitman's candy sampler tin, about 25mm focal length.

    1 hour exposure on Arista EDU 4X5. Another typical WPPD, rainy , cold, windy and grey......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ned.Lewis View Post
    Here are a couple pinhole paper negatives from the redwoods.

    5x7 from a coffee can ( with built in "rise" ):

    Pinhole redwoods by Ned, at ipernity

    From an 8x10 matboard camera:

    Deep Forest by Ned, at ipernity

    Still more to develop!
    I like what you have going on in the foreground of #2, it really adds to the mystery of the tall trees.

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