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Thread: My Kids' WPPD

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    My Kids' WPPD

    Every year of late, I've been accompanied on World Pinhole Day by more of my kids. For a couple of years, it was just Henry, my oldest, but by last year, all three took part. Even though I was away this year, that did not stop them from participating. Before I left, I loaded a Zero Image 2000 camera with a roll of Fuji NPH400 film (four shots each) and left my kids a note reminding them about how to use it. On top of that, I helped Henry download a light meter app for his iPad Mini and taught him how to use it.

    On the appointed day, the boys got up early and took their allotted frames, while Margot, who slept in, took hers later in the day.

    Here are the shots they posted to the WPPD site.

    This one is by Henry (age 12):


    Here's one of these cool May Apple plants that are always coming up right around WPPD, taken by Lowell (age 9):


    And here's one from Margot (age 7), of some rhododendron leaves by our front porch:

    See my photos at:

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    I saw these when they came into the WPPD gallery. It's always cool when I recognize a submission from someone I know from f295 (well, in this case their kids'). These are pretty cool photos. Interesting light in them all. I'm real sucker for those under the mayapples shots.

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    Great tradition Dave, and super photos to boot!

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    looks great! well done Dave (& family)

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    I loved pinholing with Chrissy. Enjoy it while you can, Dave, they grow up fast.
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    These are so nice, Dave. It's great that you've introduced your kids to something creative you can all enjoy together. It's likely this love of photography and of the environment will stay with them throughout their lives.


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    You've got the young ones off to an excellent start, Dave!

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