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Thread: Next Best Thing Pinhole Project

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    Next Best Thing Pinhole Project

    I've started Next Best Think Pinhole Project, which aims to create a collection of pinhole photographs focused on landscape and culture, and shot by photographers from around the globe over the course of a year. I kicked off the project about 6 weeks ago. My goal was to have about 5-8 photographers per continent. So far I have more than 30 photographers, and I've closed participation for all continents except Africa.

    So far I've found only one photographer in Africa to participate. The project will go forward regardless, but my hope is that this group can help me find more pinhole photographers in Africa.

    Below I've posted the initial Project Overview. I'm currently posting updates to

    What: Collection of pinhole photographs focused on landscape and culture, and shot by photographers from around the globe over the course of a year

    - Connect diverse communities and landscapes over the course of a year through the shifting light of our shared journey: the earth’s rotation around the sun
    - Celebrate pinhole as a common “discovery” among the ancient civilizations around the world
    Promote film and an enduring photographic medium

    Who: 4-5 pinhole photographers per continent (24-30 total photographers). The number of photographers per continent may vary to ensure geographic and cultural diversity. I will select photographers for the project from a pool of interested photographers. I will select photographers based on their location. In cases where multiple photographers from a region are interested in joining, I will randomly select from the potential pool.

    When: One year, beginning July 1, 2014, with two images submitted on a quarterly basis

    - Film-based pinhole cameras must be used. They can be purchased or homemade.
    - NO digital pinholes
    - NO images designed to emulate pinhole photography
    - Any format of film may be used including paper and instant

    - Two images submitted each quarter
    - Scanned at a minimum of 300dpi (photographers’ responsibility)
    - Submitted by participating photographers to a project photo management site (to be determined)
    - There are two themes each quarter. Photographers will need to submit one image for each theme. The themes are:
    - Landscape (rural or urban) from the photographers’ regional areas
    - Culture - this is a broad term left open for individual photographers to interpret
    - Images should reflect the “season” for the quarter they’re submitted. I realize the concept of seasons varies greatly across the world. The idea is to capture how landscapes and the cultures change (or don’t) over the course of the year.

    The Project begins July 1, 2014 and ends June 30, 2015. Photographers may submit images at any time during each quarter:
    - Quarter 1 submissions due September 30, 2014
    - Quarter 2 submissions due December 31, 2014
    - Quarter 3 submissions due March 31, 2015
    - Quarter 4 submissions due June 30, 2015

    End Result:
    Each photographer’s quarterly submissions will be posted to a project Facebook and/or Tumblr page (not created yet).
    At the end of the project year, a book of the entire collection will be created using Books will be sold at cost through the Blurb website.
    After the second quarter, depending on project status, I will work to determine potential exhibition of some or all of the images. Exhibition will depend on a number of things including image quality, gallery interest and external funding.

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    Sounds like a great project Herschel. I'm sorry I missed out on it. Best of luck with it!

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    Thank you, James. I really should reconsider...

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    Not necessary Herschel, it wouldn't be fair. Besides, I've a full plate at the moment.

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