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Thread: Black Pyramid

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    Black Pyramid

    Taken with my Chimera67 pinhole camera and Fuji Velvia 50.
    Black Pyramid.jpg
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    Interesting. Is it a sunset in negative?
    The world is not black and white. It often looks good in grayscale, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinS View Post
    Interesting. Is it a sunset in negative?
    It's actually taken through the viewing glass of the penguin pool at Belfast Zoo. I woke up one morning and suddenly realised what an image it would make. Drove to the Zoo and took this. It's untouched and raw.
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    Very cool, John. Without the explanation, I could never have guessed what i was looking at.
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    It is cool! It's a little like a night vision view from a snowy hill-top. Well seen.

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    Interesting, looks like some sort of secret Mason ritual stuff.....

    John H.

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    Quite abstract, I can read all sorts of thing in there.

    Cheers -


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