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Thread: New Project; New Test

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    New Project; New Test

    So, I am continuing with making books and gum prints, keeping momentum going from my recent mentorship with the MN Center for Book Arts. Without getting into all the reasoning (my train of thought can be long and winding) I have begun delving into a strange (and perhaps unnecessary) series of steps for generating a negative for my gum prints. I am shooting ambrotypes, scanning them, editing the scans a bit and them making the pictorico negative from that. I like the shortened tonal range and the fact there is no real white in collodion. It helps me get good shadow detail without having the tendency to blow out highlights. Here is my first test - she works cheap and holds still... *edit* - I forgot to mention, my new book project is shooting models and various things as tragic Shakespearean characters. It will again incorporate hand set type and letterpress, marbled paper and hand binding as well as being printed in gum bichromate.

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