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Thread: Cyan over fixed RC paper

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    What catch?
    The trouble with sizing with gelatin is that you have to harden it with more or less nasty chemicals. I don't have a proper lab. And living in an small apartment, no outside area for toxic fumes.

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    I've checked with Hahnemühle in Germany. Their Harman Gloss Baryta Warmtone is microporous, as required in a paper for carbon transfer according to Bostick & Sullivan. I think it's worth a try as a base for iron-based processes once gelatin sized. My attraction to this paper, although I've never used it, is firstly cheaper price compared with fixed out silver gelatin photographic paper, and secondly, I love warm tone images on a warm white base. My all-time favourite warm tone paper was Agfa Record Rapid, which has gone the way of the Dodo and the dead parrot.

    For hardening gelatin, I know formalin is toxic, but it appears to be the most reliable for the job; could you use it outside to reduce health risks? I believe there are other less dangerous substances such as glyoxal (which has fewer risks, but I've never used it) and chrome alum, which is fairly harmless. I feel pretty confident that the right inkjet paper could be a cost effective and very suitable base for iron-based prints.

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