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Thread: vermeer 6x17 curved plane pinhole - shift version

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    vermeer 6x17 curved plane pinhole - shift version

    hello everyone,
    i saw on this forum several shift-able front projects and i want to share my own. I installed shift panel on one of my curved planed pinhole. first i wanted to make front from plywood, but i worried about light leaks. in cut sheet film camera it is easy to shift front- negative is protected by darkslide. When position is changed, front can be fixed in new position by wing nuts or similar. I saw renon's 5x7 camera somewhere on this forum. thomas- new owner of this camera convinced me to design metal version. front consist of two aluminium elements connected with dovetail. Hole has copal 0 size, so also pinhole turret could be installed
    shift ability is +/-15mm. Just for sure i added rubber "o" ring between elements. Yesterday, finally i made first test shots. One picture is without shift, second one -1,5mm
    I know- i should move back some steps to capture all mansion
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    Cool remake.
    The world is not black and white. It often looks good in grayscale, though.

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    I like this a lot. It looks like you cut that front plate on a CNC router. Am I correct?

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    Front plate was made with milling machine

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