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Thread: Fort Johannsen

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    Fort Johannsen

    Not really a "fort" but that is what it was called in the flood of 1965. Sgt. Johannsen of the Iowa National Guard and his fellow soldiers manned the fort surrounded by a sand bag wall keeping the sewage pumps running. Had the pumps failed the town would have flooded through the sewer system. They did this a great personal risk and it was only after the water went down we could see how far the sand bags had shifted in the current. If I remember correctly, where I am standing for these photos there would have been about 6 feet of water.

    The photographic project is one I have contemplated but never under took, until today: make 8-10 photos of a subject and create a folio of work based only on those images. I guess I felt up to the task today and here are the results. The final out put will be inkjet print, 8X10 ish on photo rag paper presented in a folio package. I feel pretty good about the images having slacked for a few months on my photography and pinhole in particular. It is a familiar subject; shadows and machines and it sets a spark to the fire to try again. We'll see.....

    Presented in the order taken.








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    Very nice! (I sandbagged against the Chippewa on First Avenue in Eau Claire in 1965)

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    The shadows help set things off, giving additional depth. I like the shadows that represent objects not within the frame.

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    Rich tonality, well-played shadows with a dash of surrealism throw in, all make for a very nice series, Marv. Nice work!
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    Which river was that? I was in Denver in '65 when the South Platt flooded and made a whopping mess in Downtown

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