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Thread: Old Friend II

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    Old Friend II

    Greeting everyone! It's been a long long time. Reacquainting myself with an old friend - my homemade 4x5 pinhole camera!! In this shot I was going for atmosphere, and really trying to test the film's boundaries. It looks pretty much like I wanted it to. Fomapan 100


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    I like the grain and the flare, nice.
    The world is not black and white. It often looks good in grayscale, though.

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    Hey Dave - are you in Edinburgh now? Long time no see!
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    Hi Earl! Indeed, I have begun my studies here in Scotland. It's a trip. I love it! It is so nice to be shooting and printing again.

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    Hello Dave,
    Excellent photo. Even better to know that you are creating again, and in a wonderful place.

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