As I was constructing my 11X14 camera (see"on the verge" lens based cameras thread on this forum) which was being built for shooting negatives for carbon printing,something I've wanted to try for a long time. My thoughts were returning to a newly found appreciation for in-camera paper negatives and wondering if carbon prints could somehow be made from paper negatives.The idea of making a copy setup for enlarging the paper negatives onto carbon tissue avoiding lengthy exposures needed to contact print the tissue (and bypassing the paper texture as well). This is where the"sickness"part comes in,if I could enlarge the paper negatives onto carbon tissue why build an 11X14 camera? Sometimes I amaze myself!! Immediately measurements and sketches started flowing and searching through my accumulation of stuff followed,culminating in scoring a pair of 400 watt metal halide lamps and the build is underway.I'm writing this as a cry for help...LOL!
I've been told this can't work and it seems being told this is adding fuel to my desire to produce just that (maybe a symptom of the "sickness"),
anyhow I'll post the results,good or bad when the build and tests are complete.Meanwhile if you have any ideas for the build or a"cure",please let me know