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Thread: first surface mirror

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    first surface mirror

    Hey y'all,
    Hope I'm asking this in the right place: Could you direct me to a source for first surface mirrors approximately 6" or 8"square that won't break my pocket book? I'm involved in a project and need such a mirror,any suggestions will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    a quick google search coughs up . . . . .
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    Look for a discarded rear-projection TV. They have a very large first surface mirror at the rear of the cabinet.


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    Thanks Earl I've already been that route and was hoping for a less expensive source.
    Dave, that's a great source I had no idea the TV's had such a mirror.When I built my 11 X 14 camera I used the Fresnel lens from a projection TV for the ground glass after lightly sanding the plain side. I presume the mirror is plastic not glass,is that the case?
    Appreciate the help guys...

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    The one I pulled a couple years ago was glass! On the order of 1.5 x 2 feet, maybe bigger.
    Cat knocked it over in the living room shortly afterwards, though!

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    Wow! Dave that's a bummer,hope there was a piece big enough for you to use.I scored a 50" Sony rear projection TV yesterday on Craigs list,for free and it was located less than a 20 minute drive. I also got a really large first surface mirror as well as a nice Fresnel lens. The TV was built in 2005 and has seen a lot of use,I'm seeing a sort of scum over the lower part of the mirror and am hoping that it's just some type of grease that was blown across it from the cooling fans.Any thoughts about cleaning without damaging the mirror? Also am intrigued with the projector itself,pretty cool Dichroric filters and lens system.I havn't thought up a use yet but seems like it would be good for something...

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    Look on amateur telescope making sites for mirror cleaning ides.
    Yeah, the projection lenses and filters are intriguing! Extreme aspherical lenses, for which I haven't thought of a good use.
    The filters in some are liquid, as I recall, and can be drained and replaced.
    I believe it's the red one that has a tendency to grow algae after a number of years...

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