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Thread: An Afternoon of Hellebores

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    An Afternoon of Hellebores

    It has been far too long since I have allowed photons to pass through a pinhole. The wind was low the other week so I took a chance and dug out my 5x4 folding pinhole camera (still with its pink bellows).

    I set the camera up by the Hellebores and left it there all afternoon; my exposure calculation for the light levels reckoned on 4 hours, but given I started the exposure at lunch time, I figured that collecting it up in the evening when it had got dark would be about right.

    5"x4" paper negative (ilford VC, developed to completion) 45mm focal length, 0.2mm pinhole giving f/225 for about 5 to 6 hours. Pre-flashed paper and exposed through a yellow filter.

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    I like it Evan, 45 mm is a sweet focal distance for 4x5. This image has a gnarly look that suits the time of year. I will be glad when the snow melts and the robins come back.
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    I like it too.
    I confess I had to google the hellebores out of my tropical ignorance.
    And I thought 45mm in a 4x5 equal vignetting. But no.
    Hellebores and no vignetting...Cool.

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