I was looking back through the pictures on my computer and the images 'I took just the other day' were over 18 months ago in some cases; I realised I must make time to post them to the forum.

I had great fun with the populist while it was with me; I manged to make a serious school boy error with a few of the rolls of film however, but overall it went ok (sequence is Developer, stop then fix: pouring in the fix first makes the negatives too thin!).

I took it on holiday to France with us, where the bright sunlight made each exposure fast enough for the children not to get annoyed that I had stopped once again to take a picture. I also took it around our local area: one location in particular was an absolute "must have" location ...

It will take a few posts to add them all, but basically black and white are on polypan-F (I exposed at EI100), the colour C41 either on Fuji 400 or Kodak Gold 200 and pinhole seemed to be about f/160. Each shot was a guess at exposure, based on an estimate of the light levels and the film ISO. All the stereo pairs are for crosseye (as they come out of the camera)