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Thread: Vermeer jumbo cam- 5,5x14 inch one shot pinhole

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    Vermeer jumbo cam- 5,5x14 inch one shot pinhole

    Hi folks,
    i know, long time i wasn't active on this forum. Now i want to change that. I'd like to share one of my last designs- curved plane 5,5x 14 inch pinhole camera. I made it some months ago, posted some pictures on Flickr. Camera is designed to use 11x14 inch film sheet cut in half. Body i made from plywood bended in hot water. I was thinking that making of camera back will be harder than front, but i was wrong. I designed camera inneworkings in Corel - they are laser cut. Front is made also from plywood, however now i think- it should be made from piece of solid wood- plywood has trend to bend, even thick 10mm pieces. I noticed that when i installed suitcase style locks. Pinhole apertures are interchangeable- there is a slot inside camera to place pinholes/zone plates. Film curvature should be moved 1or two inches up- camera is very, very angle and it was impossible to place interchageable pinholes on the front (first i wanted to install filter ring on the front and place pinholes in blank filter rings).
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    Great design and execution as usual. What are the two top posts for? Framing? Wouldn't that give you a false frame as the sheet is wider than the front of the camera?

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    You right- angle of view is almost 180 degrees. I wanted to install suitcase grip on the top, even drilled holes. Unfortunately after assembling it was impossible to screw inside the nuts- grip was too long. So, i added two posts -just to hold camera better in hands when put on/remove from tripod (and mask holes)

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